So this is my new blog!  I’m trying out wordpress.   I had my blogspot blog since May of 2006.  Four years!  It was a good blog, and worked well for the season I was in.

Now I’m married, and my name has changed.  It is time to take off my old blog and put on a new one.  Further, I was starting to get spam comments on my old blog.  This definitely told me it was time to move.

Speaking of move, Ryan and I will be doing that soon.  This has been a summer of transitions.  Ryan graduated, we got married, he started a new job, and soon we will move into a house.  Our own house  (well, kind of–we’re renting it).  Last summer was pretty transitionally as well–what with me graduating and moving to Denton and all–but this summer takes the cake I think.  I mean my name has changed.  That’s pretty pivotal.

So we’ll see how this blog does. As of now I’m having trouble thinking of a name.  I don’t feel like meandering fits me anymore.  I don’t feel like I am meandering.  I am on a journey with a definite destination.  I don’t know where all the journey will take me, but I know where it ends.

Hm.  I’ll have to think about it.


2 thoughts on “New

  1. i’ve actually thought for a while that meandering didn’t really fit you anymore! glad you realized it too 🙂

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