Free Time

I have not written a thank you card in almost two weeks. Eeee! And here I am on my blog, writing about it instead of doing it.

So, if you were so kind to give/send Ryan and I a wedding/shower gift and have not yet received a thank you card, worry not! It will come . . . eventually. And I do actually kind of enjoy writing them. It’s just the starting to do it that is the hard part.

In other news Ryan and I spent the last couple of days at my parents house. It was a fun, summery time–played lots of Wii, swam, hung out with the fabulously engaged Will and Bailey.

Have you noticed that when you have lots of free time, it’s sometimes hard to actually do the things you need to get done because you feel you have so much time to do them? And then, all your free time is used up and you’ve gotten nothing done?

Well, I have gotten some things done–I’ve gone through some novels — My Sister’s Keeper and Redeeming Love. Both were captivating reads that i finished within a days. Now I’m onto my first Agatha Christie book, Murder at Hazelmoor.

So see, I have been productive.


3 thoughts on “Free Time

  1. Oh man, we just moved to a new house last week, and during the packing, I found a STACK of thank-you notes from our wedding. Sealed, addressed and never sent… yikes! And we are about to have our 2-year anniversary. So.. as long as you get them out before this time 2012, you’re doing better than me. Love the new blog!

  2. Hi Laura! Found your blog so I thought I’d say hi 🙂 We miss seeing you guys at church but come fall semester, we’ll be back with the greeting team. FYI – I love Agatha Christie – I have 4 of her books! She’s got a ton more.

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