Baby Steps

Well, I’ve packed TWO boxes now, and taken all of the things off my walls.  We’re making progress!  Our lease at the new house starts next Friday.  Starting to pack makes me more excited about it.  I’m also thankful that I don’t currently live in the place that i’m packing up.  In case you don’t already know, Ryan and I have been living with some kind and hospital friends since we’ve gotten married.  We still have our stuff in our separate houses, and next weekend those separate houses will become one.   All that to say, I don’t have to currently live in the mess that is my room, so for that I am thankful.  I can work in it and then leave it for the next day. Thanks kind, hospitable friends!

We keep making these baby steps that makes it feel more and more like we are actually married.  Like joining bank accounts, legally changing my name, joining AT&T accounts.  Next on the list is moving into a house together.  In case you forgot:

You’ll be happy to know I’ve written about 10 thank you cards since my last post.  Maybe even eleven!  I’m chipping away at the big list.


2 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Hiii!!!

    The house looks SO CUTE! I too cannot wait to see it! And perhaps keep you company in it on evenings when Ryan is working 🙂

    I want to call you…..but I haven’t because I don’t want to interrupt Laura and Ryan time in the evenings. But then I remembered that he works, and you have free time during the day, and then its even less predictable! I guess that is why voicemail is so handy.

    One catch: you wrote that Wayne and Vicki are your “kind and HOSPITAL” friends. Just thought I’d point that out, since R works at a hospital, and it might be confusing 🙂 love you!


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