Cool Movie

So I saw Inception yesterday afternoon with Allison.

I thought it was awesome–super intense and unique, and not filled with silly distractions like bad language and nudity. It’s a science-fiction action movie that also reminds me of movies like Oceans Eleven, with a team of experts collaborating on a crime, figuring out their way in. I’m looking forward to seeing it again to figure out all the intricacies of the plot.

And that’s all I really have going on, besides packing and moving and writing thank you cards and enjoying summer.


2 thoughts on “Cool Movie

  1. I guess I need to see that movie.
    Actually I had thought about just waiting till it came out on DVD or something- and use closed caption– and be able to pause it whenever I wanted to. … Maybe I’ll get that for the second time I watch it — cuz I want to be movie-literate NOW.

    Love your new place!

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