We are in our new home now! There are still boxes and junk everywhere, but slowly we are making sense of the madness.

My honey goes to work at 5 or 5:30 most days, and most days I get up with him, and then go back to bed after he has left. I usually wake up feeling tired. Well today I decided to stay up and have a nice long morning and then continue unpacking. So I’ve been up since 5:30. Wow! It’s 9 now and I’m hungry again–ready for my second breakfast. Peach cobbler is sounding good . . .

I made some amazing peach cobbler yesterday, by the way. And it’s gluten free, because my honey might have a slight allergy to gluten (this is the recipe). You see, we’d come upon a large amount of peaches in our neighbor’s peach tree, and so we decided to do something about it. With the amount of peaches we have, we could probably make at least 2 or 3 more cobblers.

In other news, I was recently reminded of a ridiculous song my English teacher had us listen to in high school whilst we were reading Wuthering Heights. I need to share it with you–its ridiculous. You might not be able to appreciate though, unless you were in that class or read that book. Here it is anyway.

I should get back to unpacking now. Stop distracting me!


3 thoughts on “Unpacking

  1. Wow. You had an interesting English teacher.

    And I can see why Shiloh might bark at that.

    Maybe Bailey could use that.

    Can’t wait to see your house with the furniture.!!

  2. david’s been leaving for work at 6 on saturdays and i’ve been getting up with him. i’ve been having the second breakfast too, but nothing as good as peach cobbler! yum!

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