Pencil Lead Art

I was going to use this post to show you some pictures of the new Maxwell home, but I have yet to upload the pictures. I am at a Jupiter House (a Denton coffee shop) right now and far from my camera and camera cord. So maybe tomorrow!

Our internet hasn’t been working since yesterday afternoon, so that gave me a good excuse to get out of the house this morning and spend some time at a coffee shop–which is one of my favorite pastimes. I chose Jupiter House because you can get a cup of coffee for one dollar, and I just felt like being downtown.

In other news, this is amazing:

Click on any of the images to get the full story and more images about this artist who creates artworks by carving into pencil lead. He doesn’t even use a magnifying glass! I feel like he has to get a lot of headaches.

One more things I wanted to share! Ryan and I went wind surfing the other day with our good friend and neighbor, Chris. He showed us the ropes. Here I am kind of wind surfing . . . (click on image to make bigger)
I’m more just trying to figure it out in this picture. I actually did surf a little though! Super fun!


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