Special Day

It’s muh birfday! I am 24 years old.

It has been a great day so far. I treated myself to a breakfast at The Hyrdrant and had an amazing cappuccino + breakfast burrito. Yum! Then I came home and played Wii Fit Plus (!) on my new Wii. Woohoo!

I have family coming over in a bit (as in Momma, Will and Bailey). I’m torn between tidying up the house so it looks nice for them, and NOT tidying up because, hello, it’s my birthday and one shouldn’t clean on one’s birthday.

They’ll be here any minute anyway so I just won’t.

Happy birthday to me!

I know i promised house pictures, but just check out my mom’s blog for now for some sneak peeks. You’ll have to look a few posts back.


2 thoughts on “Special Day

  1. Well, you’ve been 24 for 2 days now. I guess you’re getting used to it. Me, I’m getting used to it. … and having a married daughter!! Wow. (It’s all about me.)

    I just love your little house, your wonderful husband, and I’m enjoying getting to know Denton! It has so many neat spots.

    That tea room too busy is one place we’re going to sooooon! K?

  2. You are amazing at being 24, babe. Glad you joined the club. You’re sitting next to me and reading right now. Thanks for staying up with me and loving me. I am thankful for you.

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