Ryan and I adopted a kitty this morning! Well, he isn’t so much a kitty but definitely a cat, an adult cat. He is pretty large actually, but seems oh so sweet. We pick him up on Tuesday. Here is a picture of him from the shelter’s website:

We are adopting him from the Denton Animal Shelter. We at first went there wanting to adopt a kitten, but fell for Scobi instead (it was a hard decision). He goes by Snickers at the shelter but his Maxwell Family name will be Scobi. He has been at the shelter for a long time and needed a home; we even got a discount because of it.

The website describes Scobi as a “huge, sleek, loverboy.”

(We saw him in real life too, not just on the website fyi)

We are excited to give him a good home.

Tuesday is too far away!


One thought on “Scobi

  1. He’s beautiful! I mean, HANDSOME!

    Maybe he’ll get along with my other grandcats, Pretzel and Tambourine. You think?!

    Oh, I can’t wait to meet him!

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