He’s home!

Scobi is home now! He came a day early (yesterday). He spent his first hour or so under the bed, but then I coaxed him out and he began exploring his new home. Scobi is turning out to be quite the cuddler. He was following me around the house all evening and then we cuddled on the couch together most of the night while watching movies.

When Ryan came home this morning (he has been working nights), Scobi went back to his hiding place under the bed. Oh, actually I just remembered that he first went under the bed this morning when I scared him, so it wasn’t just Ryan. I yelled at Scobi for getting into the pantry before Ryan came home. The pantry door doesn’t close very well and Scobi can easily nudge it open with his head. I caught him doing that (wasn’t the first time) and so I hanked the door open and yelled “NO!” in a deep voice. Scobi ran back to the bed. Then Ryan came home and now there’s no getting him out.

Ryan is sleeping now on top of the bed and I’m guessing that Scobi is sleeping beneath it. In the mean time I have been doing some research. I think that Scobi is a black American Shorthair or a Bombay. I was hoping for the Bombay, because that sounds more exotic, but now I”m leaning towards the American Shorthair. His personality sounded like a Bombay: “Bombays crave constant attention, and they’ll follow you everywhere to get it. They want to be in the middle of the action—and in your lap.” But Bombay’s are “medium” sized and Scobi is definitely “large” (large means 10-15 lbs. and Scobi is 12.5 lbs.). Bombays are also supposed to be “black to the roots,” but Scobi has a white spot on his tummy. So I guess that’s out.


One thought on “He’s home!

  1. Scobi looks so comfortable with you. 🙂

    He’s so fortunate to belong to a loving family now.

    (I’ll bet he comes out from under the bed in no time.)

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