First Day of Class

Today is the first day of class and I don’t have any until Monday, but that didn’t stop me from heading to campus on my bike with my new backpack. Mainly, I wanted an excuse to use the new backpack my hubbie gave me for my birthday . . .

. . . but I also had an errand to run — I needed to get a new student ID since my name has changed over the summer.

I liked the feel of being back on campus. There is just so many people, and of all different kinds. It makes it hard to ride your bike around if you aren’t in a hurry (the so many people part), but you can do some good people watching in the mean time.

In other news, here is a cute picture of me and Scobi

He’s feeling more at home every day.


2 thoughts on “First Day of Class

  1. So it was the first day of class… but YOUR classes don’t start till Monday. That’s pretty sweet.

    You can go back today … and people-watch some more.

    Do it while you can!

  2. I miss the first day of school, but the rest of the year I’m ok with… Although I never got to ride my bike on campus or anything… That might help.

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