Actual First Day

Well, I have had my actual first day of classes now (see previous post) and a second and third day as well. I’m looking forward to them! It’s hard to believe that I’ve already finished a year of grad school and that I’m onto my second–and married at that! Those things are always hard to believe, eh?

I’m enjoying getting into a routine and hitting the books again. I’m also taking a painting class, which I have never done, so that should be fun. My sweetie has still been working super hard at his new job and is napping on the couch next to me as we speak. I like him.

And a storm is brewing outside. It’s only 5pm but looks like 8:30 it’s so dark . . . and rumbley. I’m looking forward to it. Glad I have my sweetie to drive me to class!


2 thoughts on “Actual First Day

  1. He likes you too. A lot. And isn’t there a little something you could mention about what exactly you were driven in to class…? My (our) new… you know? Maybe a picture too? 🙂

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