Art is everywhere!

“Some of the activities that fill our day-to-day lives cannot be considered to be ‘art,’ much less ‘great art,’ but when one considers the pervasive concern with objects and activities that are ‘expressive’ and ‘pleasing to the eye,’ that reflect ‘taste,’ ‘fashion,’ and ‘style,’ or that are popular manifestations of traditional art media–music, drama, dance, and so on–then one realizes just how much art surrounds us at every moment.”

Calliope’s Sisters, R.L. Anderson


That’s from a book I’m reading for my Global Aesthetics class. For another of my classes I am being forced to provide my definition for what art is, and I am finding it to be a frustrating endeavor. I think I just won’t.

I could be very basic just say that art it the product of creative activity. Maybe I’ll leave have that as my definition for now. What do you think?


One thought on “Art is everywhere!

  1. The title of this post just makes me feel good.

    I don’t know what my definition of art would be. Probably the same as yours…. ‘the product of creative activity’.
    That’s great.

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