Every time I have caffeine in me I feel like creating something. For now I’ll just write a blog post; it HAS been a week since the last one.

We have a porch swing now!

It is actually not very comfortable . . . but it looks cute on our porch!

I am at a different coffee shop today–Big Mikes. It is right across campus, and I like being able to look out the window and see people hustling and bustlin to and from class.

Man there are so many good coffee shops in Denton that it is sometimes hard to decide where to go: The Hydrant? Art Six? Jupiter House (2 locations)? Zera? Big Mike’s? And then there are two Starbucks and a Barnes and Noble. Wherever you are in Denton, a good cup of coffee is not far away. I like change, and so I enjoy the variety in study environments.

I haven’t mentioned to you yet that I have a job now as an after school drawing instructor for elementary students. I start teaching next week. I am excited/nervous to start, but feel really thankful that I got this job. It’ll be great experience, great for my resume, and hopefully great fun. I just want it to START already, I have been trained for weeks, and so I have been nervous about starting for weeks as well. Just start already! And I will–Monday afternoon.


One thought on “Caffeinated

  1. I just love your blog.
    It’s delightful.

    And I like this post.

    I’ll have to come try out the swing… and pet Scobi.

    And I know you’ll be GREAT at that job. No, FANTASTIC.

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