While I was ordering my soy latte the barista and I noticed that we had the same color nail polish on. Mine is called “plumb passion” but she didn’t remember the name of hers. It was good bonding.

I feel like every semester I become a regular at a different coffee shop. This semester so far it is Big Mikes (like I mentioned before). And like I have mentioned before, Denton offers a variety or good local coffee shops, so we will see when I feel the itch to become a regular at different one.

You might think that I talk about Denton’s coffee shops a little too much on this blog of mine. Well, I would encourage you to read my “about” page again (or for the first time). On it, I say that in this blog I will often write about what is going “around [me] as [I am] sitting at [my] laptop.” Well, I happen to be on my laptop in coffee shops a lot, so that is what you get.

It is nice to become a regular at a place. That place becomes kind of a home away from home. You are familiar with the people working there. Even if you don’t really know them, you know their face and they know yours and that is kind of nice. You know which spot is your favorite spot to sit. You know what times of days the place will be busy. That sort of thing.

But my actual home is much better of course. Ryan and I are married, so now my home is with him and his is with me (at least while we are both still on this earth).

He is sleeping right now.


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