Animal Stories

I just spilled coffee all over my pants, and I still don’t really understand why.

You see we are taking care of our neighbors’ dogs while they are away. I decided to spend some quality time with them this morning so they wouldn’t be lonely, so I brought over my coffee cup, my french press, and a text book to study. I was wary about walking into the house holding the coffee, fearing their excitement in seeing me would knock it out of my hand. They didn’t. Phew. So I let them outside, and sat down at the table to read and sip. While I was sitting down and reading, boom, my coffee just spilled everywhere. No explanation or warning. Rude! Luckily a change of pants was just a few feet away. So I changed my pants, explained the situation to Scobi (our cat) and came back here with my computer (I can’t read anymore because my book is soaked through with coffee).

I have an even more exciting animal story for you.

When Ryan and I moved into our house a few months ago, there were some big holes outside on the base of the house where they had been working on stuff. They left those holes uncovered for months, leaving the underbelly of our house exposed to any wild critters looking for a home. They finally came back last Wednesday to cover them up with some screens. Well, on Saturday Ryan and I came back home to find a possum peering out at us from the other side of the screen–under our house! The possum was trapped. Oh dear. It was the weekend so we couldn’t get a hold of our land lord but we wanted that possum out. So last night (Sunday) my strong, intelligent husband took the screen off of one of the holes and we stood around the corner, waiting and watching. I prayed that God would give us favor with the possums and get them to come out of our house. After a couple minutes a possum slowly walked out and away, sniffing the ground. Amen! Ryan went back to the hole with his flashlight, wanting to make sure there wasn’t a whole possum family still under our house. There wasn’t a family, but there was still one more! Erg! So we watched, waited, and prayed again, and then that possum slowly walked out as well, sniffing the ground as he went. Hallelujah! Ryan peered around one more time, didn’t see anything, and screwed the screen back on. My hero. Now we have no restless possums stuck underneath our house. Hopefully . . .

Wow, I usually don’t write this much.

I’ll end this exciting animal post with a picture.



3 thoughts on “Animal Stories

  1. Sometimes coffee can have a mind of its own.. we haven’t got along in quite a while. And yeah… glad the possum story had a good ending – they’re off enjoying time with their families now i’m sure. – the hero

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