New Family Member

Today is a big day for the Maxwell family. We are welcoming a new member into our household–Akon. He is a one-year old German Shepherd puppy that we are meeting this afternoon.

I am hoping Scobis and Akon’s relationship will be like this.

And not like this

Scobi is quite the cuddler (right now he is splayed across my lap), and hopefully Akon will be a good cuddle buddy.

But really, as long as they can tolerate each other that would be fine. Even better if they become best friends.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

(I say Akon is a “new family member,” but I am aware that he is a dog and not a human. We aren’t going to mistake him for a human, like some pet owners do. Sure, we will probably talk to him like a human now and again, but really he is our dog and we are his masters. Just saying.)


One thought on “New Family Member

  1. Whoa. At first I thought this was my granddog Akon. Then I realized those dogs looked different. — so glad.
    I bet Akon gets along with Scobi just fine.

    Can’t wait to meet both of them!!

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