Akon is home!

He seems to be really happy here. He’s a good dog–most of the time. Ryan and I took him on a walk this morning and he did great on the leash with us. We even sat on a bench for little while and he laid at our feet. A few people told us he was a beautiful dog. I felt proud.

Like a lot of other German Shepherds, his training has been in German. So we say “Fuss!” (pronounced “foos”) for heel! “Setz!” (sits) for sit, and “Platz!” (plots) for down. Other than that we use English (like “No!” we do that a lot. He is learning though).

Akon is okay with Scobi; he is curious about him, but Scobi is more set in his ways. Scobi won’t let Akon near him, he will hiss at Akon and Akon stares back, and eventually backs way. I’d much rather have that happening than have Akon try to chase Scobi. Akon is laid back and wants to get to know Scobi. We will just have to give them some time.

Here we are last night cooking sloppy joes.

I’m telling him to back off.


2 thoughts on “Akon is home!

  1. So you’re speaking German to Akon?! How interesting!

    Glad Scobi is setting his boundaries, and Akon is adhering.

    Sounds good.

    I’m a proud Nana.


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