Good news, bad news, and then more good news

I caught Scobi snuggling up to one of Akon’s chew toys this evening.

(Scobi is the black blob next to the other black blob which is Akon’s toy. Taken with my phone) I think that means he is ready to be friends. Akon is still unsure about him though. Anytime Scobi makes a move towards Akon, Akon flips out and quickly exits the room.

But that is the least of Akon’s troubles. Ryan and I had been noticing that Akon had been acting increasingly lethargic and not interested at all in food, not really even in water. He was also limping on his back left leg.

This morning I took him to the vet. I would rather have waited for Ryan to be with me, but he was working and we didn’t want to wait. According to the vet, Akon has a torn ACL. He probably hasn’t been eating because the pain was too overwhelming, poor guy. The only option for treatment is surgery, but there are a couple different surgical options in that. Ryan and I will discuss it when he gets home from work tonight.

For now Akon is on pain meds. Because of them he actually ate his whole dinner tonight. I was so happy! I feel like this whole thing is training me for kiddos. Going to the vet and having them tell me what to do for Akon was kind of weird feeling, I am usually only taking care of myself; I felt a weight of responsibility for him.

In other, lighter news: our backyard got grass yesterday! The whole Maxwell clan was over to help.

It looks nice! Feels more like a yard and less like a mud pit.


One thought on “Good news, bad news, and then more good news

  1. Bless Akon’s heart. … He’s fortunate to be in such a good family. 🙂

    That’s funny how when Scobi makes a move towards him he quickly exits the room. (Those last two pronouns refer to Akon.)

    Glad you got grass! (Now you’ll have to mow it, though.)

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