My Morning

I had a kind of frustrating morning, but now I am feeling pretty content.

Ryan’s car wouldn’t start when he had to go to work at 5:45 this morning, so he took mine. So I am left with my bike for the rest of the day. No big, I like riding my bike around.

Meanwhile, the internet decides to stop working. So I sit down to do some schoolwork (aka facebook and blogging), and when I find that it is not working I decide to go to a coffeeshop and use their internet. I was looking for an excuse to leave the house anyway because the animals were annoying me–except the fish. Akon and Scobi were fighting (aka hissing and barking).

Anywho, I pack up my backpack and head outside to get my bike. Well, the back tire needed air so I pumped it up, and when I detached the bike pump is promptly deflated again. Gr. So I had no bike, no car, and no internet. I have an extra bike tube so I decided I would look up on the internet how to change a bike tube and get her all fixed up. Oh wait . . . the internet isn’t working . . .

So I walked. It only took me about 12 minutes to walk to The Hydrant, and at least it is really nice outside. So now I am eating my second breakfast–a bagel and a cup of coffee and feeling content again.

Quick update on Akon–we now think he didn’t tear his ACL and that he has something called Panosteitis, which is basically intense growing pains (you can click on the link for more info). Hopefully we are right, because then we wouldn’t have to get surgery. We are wanting to get a second opinion from a vet–anybody know any good vets in Denton?


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