Back from a trip

It’s funny how usually when you get back from a vacation, you feel like you need to rest. At least I do. Seems counter-intuitive.

The thing is, it is not necessarily the vacation itself you need to rest from (unless you go somewhere like Disney World which can be tiring in itself), but it is usually the travel. Right now it is the spending-five-hours-in-the-car that I need to rest from.

You see, Ryan and I went to Fredericksburg this weekend. For months we’ve been talking about taking a mini-vacation some weekend, and we finally put aside the time and resources and took it this past weekend. It was nice and fun. It is also nice to be back home though.

The last trip Ryan and I took alone together was our honeymoon (almost six months ago). I am reminded how I felt when we were traveling home from that. We were traveling home to the unknown–marriage, new job for Ryan, new place to live. I was scared. I remember thinking “I know how to be married in Tennessee, but I don’t know how to be married in Texas, with everybody around and responsibilities.” Something like that. I didn’t want to leave

It all turned out alright of course.

I felt a lot different at the end of this trip. I was ready to get back home–back to our animals, our friends, even to schoolwork. I had had a good weekend, but was looking forward to being home. It was a nice feeling.

And now I am at home resting.


One thought on “Back from a trip

  1. Glad you had a good trip!
    And yeah, I always need to rest after going anywhere to rest.
    And yeah, I can see how coming back from your honeymoon was unlike any ‘coming-back’ ever. .. well, cuz you weren’t ‘coming BACK’ – …

    Glad you’re back… and there’s some normalcy.
    There’s some normalcy around here, too. I like that.

    Lookin’ forward to seeing you soon…. and I’ll have that $55!

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