Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

It’s snowing! Do you see it? On my blog, I mean.

Snow is so magical (at least here in Texas). I so hope it snows this year!

In case you missed it on Facebook, Ryan and I got our Christmas tree this past Saturday.

We went to Mainstay Farm near Burleson with some of our good friends. This is us with the tree they took home.

Mainstay farm was a fun place–not only did they have fields and fields of Christmas trees, they had lots of fun, free activies for kids, like a 100 foot slide (which isn’t just for kids, we did that one), a 3 story tree house, goats, that sort of thing. They also had a nice gift shop. It made for a fun day. Then we journeryed back home and put up the tree while watching Disney’s most recent version of A Christmas Carol with Jim Carey. We also drank eggnog. New family tradition?

Next year we will do a better job picking out the tree. It looked perfect at the farm

but turned out to be a little too huge and a little crooked when we put it in our house.

No big though, it’s still beautiful. And with it, our Christmas decorating is complete. Now we will enjoy it


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