Shopping and Cheesecake

That’s Ryan and I this afternoon at The Cheesecake Factory in Stonebriar Mall. Fun day! We got a big bulk of our Christmas shopping done there, and had a good time doing it. Neither of us really go shopping that much, so when we do we like to make an event out of it–complete with cheesecake.

We ended up getting our cheesecake to go though, because the coffee drinks we ordered were dessert-like enough for the moment.

It was fun going team Christmas shopping this year. Since we are married, we can give gifts from the both of us. Together, we can be pretty decisive. We make a good team.

It’s so nice to write in my blog without the gnawing feeling that I should be working on schoolwork. Instead, it’s just the feeling that I should be wrapping presents.


2 thoughts on “Shopping and Cheesecake

  1. Well, your title for this post made me smile: ‘Shopping and Cheesecake’.

    And your statement, ‘together, we can be pretty decisive’ is GREAT!!
    (I’ve found that to be so true in my life.) :):):)

  2. my head looks pretty small in that picture for some reason. and i’m thankful i have you to help me remember what i’m shopping for when i get distracted

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