Lying Low

Ryan got a fancy new boot yesterday at the doctor’s office. Makes his foot/leg feel a lot more secure and safe (our dog, Akon, likes to run into his leg–not good for their relationship.) We also got informed that Ryan will probably not be able to go back to work for another 2-3 months. Bummer. Apparently one of the bones he broke is very slow to heal.

So for now we are just lying low. At Ryan’s parents house right now; just finished an episode of 24. So good! We are renting the DVDs from the library. When I went there the librarian warned me that 24 is “like crack”–it’s addictive qualities. No lie!


One thought on “Lying Low

  1. Ha- 24 is like crack! Well, it IS addictive, I can attest to that.

    I’m praying for you and your Ryan, for healing power, and patience, and … whatever you need.

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