I am feeling super cool right now

. I’m sitting on a couch in a Volkswagen dealership, posting on my blog via a WordPress app on my iPad. Before this I was reading one of my textbooks digitally on my kindle app. So cool.

Maybe I need to change the name of my blog.

Ryan had some sort of recall on his car, which is why we are here. I drove us here. Even with all my driving around Taos while Ryan was in the hospital, I stillnfeelnpretty stressed when drivingnstandard. (geez Louise, I keep pushing down n instead ofnthe spacenbar. So annoying! I’m leaving the last few typos so you can understand how often I am doing this.)

This is a pretty nice place to sit-comfy couch, lots of windows, free coffee and wifi. Wonder if they would mind if I came here to study . . .

Ryan recovery update–he is starting to drive again, using his left foot. Not his car of course, but my automatic. So now he is an ambidextrous driver-pretty cool.


2 thoughts on “I am feeling super cool right now

  1. Wow. He’s driving! I thought that would take months – till he got his leg healed.
    That’s great.

    Everyone can’t wait to see his leg tomorrow night.

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