Snow Day

I love that it is just 9:40 and I have already had a fabulous morning. And I love that there is snow on the ground!

Akon likes to wake up at 7 everyday. He then will pace around the room until I let him outside. He is a pretty big dog and we have hard wood floors, so he doesn’t pace quietly. I used to let this get me all irritated and disgruntled because I wanted to sleep until at least 8. I would let him outside and then go back to bed. I’d wake up an hour later feeling more tired, and finding he has dug a hole, or torn apart a bag of potting soil in his boredom. A couple days ago I decided that, instead of starting everyday in frustration, I’ll just stay up when he gets me up. Seven isn’t so early. It has made for a lot nicer mornings. Especially when there is snow on the ground! Now, if he wants to get up before seven (like today he started pacing around at 6:45), I’ll just yell at him to go back to bed (which he will for about 10 minutes).

So this morning at seven I took him outside to frolic around in the snow a bit. I think it was his first time to do so since he spent the first year of his life in Houston.

He loves it. He is German you know.

After frolicing, we had our neighbor friends over for our traditional snow day pancake breakfast. Heidi and I made some fabulous pumpkin pancakes (at first I started typing snowcakes. Ha!) and maple sausage links. So good!

First snow day of 2011 is just beginning!


2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Mmm. Those pancakes sound good.

    I shared this on Facebook….. Yeah. I want the world to see your blog.
    I like the way you write…..
    … and, of course, I love YOU.

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