And the snow days continue

Ryan and I went down south to Austin and still it snows! It is magical and everything, but it getting a little old. Imagine if we lived in a place where one of the morning chores involved shoveling snow off your sidewalk everyday.

But it is still beautiful.

We braved the roads on Wednesday in order to visit some of our good friends and their new baby. We were going stir crazy in the house. We had already been spending a lot of time there since Ryan broke his leg, and then the snow hit. It was a good time to to visit for all of our schedules ( except for the ice). We planned on heading back north today but since home still has subfreezing temperatures and ice on the road we decided to wait a day. It has been really fun being here–no schedule and stuck in the house with good friends and good food. Even without the snow we wouldn’t be getting out much, what with a new born babe and my broken-leg-babe.


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