Akon and Scobi

. . . are becoming more tolerant of each other.
Scobi drinks from Akon’s water, and Akon is looking on hopefully–hoping Scobi will decide to be his friend. Scobi isn’t quite his friend yet, but they also aren’t quite enemies. My hope is still that one day they will become best friends–maybe when Akon is less of a puppy.

He just wants to be friends with everybody, but doesn’t always know how to show it.
Ryan is sitting next to me teaching him how to shake.

Those pictures were taken this morning. Yesterday morning I was cooking bacon for us, when I noticed that they looked like little socks!

This morning they looked like socks too. I think it’s the whole package. I probably saw socks in them because I’ve been thinking about socks a lot lately. I want to tackle knitting socks for my next project, after I finish up a green scarf I am working on. I also got a “Natural Nursery Knits” book from the library that has lots of knitting projects for babies–for them to wear/use not for them to knit themselves. It would be fun to make some to give as gifts to my friends who are popping out babies left and right. Also rented a book about “Dogs in Knits.”

(Yeah, their backwards in the picture).
But first–socks. And then maybe baby socks.


6 thoughts on “Akon and Scobi

  1. I love those pictures!!!

    Bless Akon’s heart. He wants to be friends with Scobi……
    Too bad Shiloh won’t let him into his heart.
    (I’m going to blog about that horrible episode SOON.) Your dad and I still talk about it.

    Love your blog.

  2. i really enjoyed your clarification of who would be doing the knitting- not the babies. very laura-esque wittiness. i want to come to denton and have you teach me how to knit. maybe this summer when i finish my thesis. i’ll knit ryan a “hey look it’s your foot attached to your healed leg” sock.

  3. Hey! Love the blogging. If you are interested in trying to knit socks but don’t know if you are up for the challenge, then HAVE I GOT THE PROJECT FOR YOU! I currently have a completed sock sitting beside me just waiting for a mate! Feel free to finish it for me. HA! I just can’t get myself to finish the project. I conquered the challenge of sock knitting with the first one–which actually came out okay! And now the second sock just seems like a chore!

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