More About Weddings and Akon

After I posted my last entry on this blog, I put a link up on my facebook status to it. I think that was the first time I had done that. Well, I didn’t get anymore comments than usual (just the trusty Linh and Momma-thanks guys), but my page views went from an average of about 8 a day to 76 for that one day. Interesting.

Last post I mentioned the influx of wedding invites, and this past weekend we went to our first for the season.
We traveled to Amarillo with a couple of good friends to witness some of our new friends get married. It was a fun, laid back wedding, featuring barbecue and blue grass.

Above is Kelsey and I. She and her husband are the ones who road tripped with us (I promise I am wearing clothes, it just doesn’t look like it). They are going to be missionaries in Poland!

You should know that even though I have written about all the weddings we are going to in our future, that each one is wonderful and important. I don’t want to trivialize your wedding if you happen to have one coming up soon. If you do, I can’t wait to attend it! That is, if I am invited. And if so, your invitation will hold an honored place on our fridge.

And seeing as how I have to mention Akon and/or Scobi in at least every other post, I’ll tell you that Akon has discovered hand massages.

Who knew that dogs liked having their paws massaged!

Oh! And before I go–my new header image is actually just a stock photo that wordpress provided. It’s nothing that I took a picture of in Italy or anything cool like that.


5 thoughts on “More About Weddings and Akon

  1. My dog likes to shake hands, but doesn’t want me messing with her paws, like massaging them. I read on your mom’s blog that Ryan is able to walk with a cane now — that is so wonderful! Still praying for him.

  2. I like that picture of you and Akon. So sweet.

    That looked like a fun wedding.

    And about comments: When I link my blog on facebook I get lots of views… and often more votes on my poll…. but just a few comments. I’m sure if blogs had a ‘like’ button, it’d be clicked quite a bit, because, of course, people like our blogs. ‘Course!

  3. i read your blog quite frequently without commenting. and i would push the like button if it was available.

    that weddings looks really fun! i love bluegrass.

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