A New Favorite Spot

Many months ago Ryan and I purchased a desk with one of the many Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards we got as wedding presents. For the last six months or so it has mainly been used as a shelf for my sewing machine and old magazines. Well, last week I had the genius idea to actually use it for its intended purposes–as a place to work. So I cleaned it off, put a light bulb in the lamp that has been sitting on it, set my laptop upon it and set to work. I used to always do my schoolwork at the kitchen table when I was at home, but now I’ve found I really enjoy working at this desk. It’s situated in front of two windows and so it is a bright spot, and it gives me something to look at if I am stuck on a problem and need to gaze out into space and ponder for a moment. Further, my back is to the rest of the house and so if it’s a mess, I can easily tune it out.
(Now you can see that my sewing machine is on the floor right next to the desk.) Also, there is a nice framed picture of one of Ryan and I’s engagement pictures to look at when I need to rest my eyes.

Should I have said “Ryan and mine”? Or is “Ryan and I’s” correct? “Ryan and mine” just sounds funny.

And here is my studious duck-friend who sits on the bookshelf next to my desk and encourages me while I work.

I rescued him from my parents’ attic.


5 thoughts on “A New Favorite Spot

  1. i actually think it should be “ryan’s and my” because usually the rule is you follow what you would do if it was singular, so that would be either “ryan’s engagement pictures” or “my engagement pictures.” but i could be wrong.

    nice duck!

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