This just in . . .

11 out of 13 people who read From Laura’s Laptop do so when they are at home. Or at least they were doing so when they took my poll. Amazing! I suppose. The other two are equally distributed between work and other. Where is this “other”, I wonder?

And now we will transition to a Ryan Recovery update: For the last week, Ryan has been walking mostly without his cane, though with a limp. His leg has been feeling pretty good. So good, in fact, that he is going back to work on Monday. Alright! I also got a job this past week (Alright!) at Kiddin’ Around. So our schedules, which have been so free and open (and slightly boring) for the last eight weeks are about to get more interesting and busy. Hopefully not too busy. I value my free time–time with friends, time with Ryan, time for knitting, etc.

Speaking of knitting, I just finished knitting a little baby blanket that I am going to give to some friends (haven’t given to them yet so I won’t say who or put up a picture). I also am knitting two reusable coffee sleeves to include with the blanket. If they don’t like the blanket, they can at least still get something useful out of the gift. I’ll attempt socks again soon I think . . . maybe . . .

Man, I had a big delicious breakfast this morning at Cups & Crepes and I am already hungry again! At least it is almost lunch time.


One thought on “This just in . . .

  1. That is so great about Ryan going back to work!!

    And I’m glad you got that job!

    And I’m impressed with all your knitting!

    And I like your polls!

    And you, too!

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