I Spy

I am sitting on one of two couches at Jupiter House (denton coffee shop). The girl sharing the couch with me is also on her iPad. The man on the other couch is on his MacBook Pro. We are all so cool here at the Jupe .

This post so far is reminding me of a hobby I had when I was younger. I think this hobby was inspired by Harriet the Spy. I would carry a little notebook around with me and spy on people. This spying would consist of just jotting down descriptions of the strangers around me. I felt so sneaky because these strangers didn’t know that I was studying them. I don’t remember if I did this frequently or not. I have one specific memory of sitting in the waiting area of Pro-Cuts, writing about everyone who was sitting around me.

Girl sitting next to me on couch has grey New Balance shoes, orange jeans, and blonde wavy hair. She seems to be checking her email on her iPad, which has a black case. She seems to be about my age, maybe a couple years older.

Stuff like that. Isn’t that so sneaky?! This girl could look over my shoulder at any moment. She won’t though, for the same reason I didn’t totally turn my head to see what shirt she is wearing. Then I would obviously be looking straight at her. That would be a socially awkward thing to do.

My mom is right; sometimes you start a blog post and have no idea where it will end up. But I have successfully procrastinated for at least ten minutes.


4 thoughts on “I Spy

  1. You’re an anthropologist!
    I just did a fieldwork project for methods a class. We had to stay in an elevator for at least 10 minutes and take notes on people. I did mine at Baylor hospital. It was awkward.

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