Happy St. Patty’s day!

No matter what clothes I have on today I will not get pinched. See.

I don’t look very happy in that picture because I am at Jupiter House and so I had to sneakily take a picture on my PhotoBooth. I didn’t want to look like I was posing for a picture, so I look like I am reading something instead. But see? I have dark green nails.

I just looked through all the old pictures on my photobooth. I have had this laptop for going on 5 years, so it’s fun look back on all the old pictures.

Like Will having some fun posing for pictures while I wasn’t there.

And me with some friends at the World Hunger Farm (the summer Ryan and I met)

And me with Sherbosky and Lola when I house sat for Rob and Caroline before their baby Sawyer even existed.

And Ryan and I studying in the basement of Moody Library at Baylor.

Good snapshots. I could keep going but I’ll stop there.


Okay one more.


And apparently 10 out of 14 readers of From Laura’s Laptop would choose to take a book and hammock to the park on a free Saturday afternoon rather than go to Six Flags, play Super Mario Brothers Wii, or wander around an art museum. I guess most of my readers are like me!


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