An Ode to Thrift Stores

One of my new favorite pastimes is thrift store shopping. If ever I have some spare time and spare dollars in my pocket I like to drop by some of my local favorites and go treasure hunting. My favorite in Denton is Twice as Nice, followed by Ruth’s Room and Denton Thrift. I haven’t been to all the thrift stores in Denton, but those are the best so far to my knowledge. Here are some treasures around my house that I have found at those thrift stores . . .

I’m not sure what this means. It says “Nobody’s Perfect” and has three owls, one upside down. It is refering to the upside down owl? It thinks itself a bat? I liked the owls though.

I got this pair for less than two dollars total! (Twice as Nice is always having sales)

The candle and candlestick are from Ruth’s Room (which benefits the local Habitat for Humanity chapter)

I always find yarn and knitting needles at Twice as Nice (which benefits Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center)

A snail that holds our keys.

An empty wooden frame. Very mysterious.

Retro birds flying over our heads while we sleep.

Globe book-end.

Talk about guilt-free shopping. Not only is it all very inexpensive, but also benefits good organizations! Instead of sweatshops and the like. Even if something that I buy at a thrift store was not fair trade originally, at least my money isn’t going to support unfair trading, but it goes to whoever backs the thrift shop. Good deal.

I don’t always leave a thrift store with treasures–thrift store shopping takes perseverance. But it is worth it.

Ha! I just noticed that the book right against the globe book-end is Toilets of the World. That’s appropriate.


3 thoughts on “An Ode to Thrift Stores

  1. Laura, I have been on a hiatus from blogging and have missed reading many of your posts. I am catching up today. and it is a delight. I especially like this post because I lurve thriftstores as well. because it’s an inexpensive way to be fair trade–b/c it isn’t benefitting unfair things. like.

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