Final push

I have been feeling like a broken record recently. ” I have to do schoolwork,” I keep saying, “I have a lot of schoolwork to do.” I have been saying it a lot more than earlier in the semester because it has come time for the final push. I have been in school labor for a few months and now I have to push out some bigger papers and projects as a result. The final push can be stressful, but afterwards is the sweet relief of summer vacation. Something else I realized today is that this is really the FINAL push. I am not taking any summer classes and next semester will just be student teaching. December, lord willing, is graduation. Wow!

So the thought that this is maybe the last time to do this kind of work is encouraging.

Ryan is good at forcing me to take study breaks. He is all about getting outside and enjoying the weather. I fight it at first, repeating that I have a lot of schoolwork to do, but I usually break and end up going to the park with him and Akon. And it is always so worth it.

We make a good team, Ryan and I.

And Akon is cool too.


2 thoughts on “Final push

  1. I’m praying for you this very minute, precious Laura. …. that you will push the final push…. and get it done.

    And good for Ryan, wanting you to enjoy this gorgeous weather with him.

    Oh yes, y’all make a wonderful team.

    I love you so.

    And that’s a great picture of dear Akon!!

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