I just saw a dog walk by my window with bunny ears on. He was leading a girl about my age in a blue dress that matched his blue bunny ears. I walked Akon this morning–why didn’t I think of that!? So cute.

Happy Easter! I got to start my Easter by teaching/hanging out with a bunch of six year olds at my church, playing and learning about Christ’s death and resurrection. So fun!

And here are some wildflowers we planted a couple months ago that are finally blooming.

I know, it is something of a contradiction for me to plant wildflowers. The seeds came from the wildflower farm in Frederickburg, TX, which Ryan and I visited in the Fall. Fall is not the ideal time to visit a wildflower farm, by the way, as wildflowers bloom in the Spring. We pretty much just visited the gift store, where we bought said wildflower seeds. Anywho, I am glad that they are finally blooming because for many weeks they just looked like weeds. Look how tall they got before they started to bloom!

Yeah. And there are a lot more buds that have yet to bloom so I am excited to see new flowers open up every day.

Ooo, and my talented husband planted us a garden–from seeds! Remind me to show you that soon too as well.


So for now I am renaming my blog to Laurel Leaf, which is just kind of a play on my name. I am really at a loss for what else to do. What do you think?

Next I need to figure out how to change my blog name. Still figuring out WordPress . . .


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