I am having an ideal working-at-a-coffee-shop environment. One risk in going to a coffee shop to do school work is that there might be a group of people sitting near me having a very interesting, very loud conversation that I would rather listen to than work on my school work. I am at Zera’s right now working, and while there is a couple sitting near me talking, they are talking in a language I don’t understand so I couldn’t eaves drop if I wanted to. Perfect! I think it is Chinese or Japanese.

Earlier there were two guys sitting near me sharing their testimonies with each other–in English–which was interesting to eavesdrop on. But I remedied that by putting on my headphones and listening to Sufjan Stevens instead.

So, I had to interrupt my schoolwork to share that with you.

And then here is a picture of Ryan and I at the Ft. Worth Zoo last Wednesday.

We were on the little train in Texas Town which takes you back to the beginning of the zoo. I know, we’re so fun.

And then here is an awesome picture of Akon with his brother, Axle, on Easter.

I love this picture! They both look so joyful. They frolicked around Ryan’s Grandparents’ yard while we ate Easter dinner. Ryan’s Grandma owns both Akon’s brother and mother. Can you tell which one is Akon? (except you Ryan, I know you know)


Check out my new “about” page! The last “about” page relied heavily on the name “From Laura’s Laptop,” so with the name change I needed to revamp it a bit.


3 thoughts on “Ideal

  1. The dog in the foreground is NOT Akon, right?

    And that’s a cute picture of you and Ryan at the zoo.

    And I like your new header-thing.

    And like the ‘about’ part.

    No, I LOVE all of those things!!!

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