Plans for Good

It’s nice when you can look back on events in your life and see the good that God planned, when at the time things seemed so uncertain. That doesn’t always happen–that you can see good that was planned. Sometimes you just have to trust that God’s ways are better than yours, and not know the reason until the other side of this life. But when the former happens–when you do see the good–that is a blessing.

I feel really fortunate that I found my job. I think that it came at just the right time and is just the right job. It came when Ryan was going back to work after recovering from his broken leg. I was about to have a lot more free time. If I hadn’t gotten this job, i would be spending way too much time alone, without a schedule and probably would been feeling pretty discontent about it. It’s also great in that I am learning more about small children and myself and how we go together. I really enjoy the time I am spending playing and taking care of them. Yeah, the job isn’t perfect and sometimes I just want to go home. Sometimes I don’t feel like going to work at all. Over all though, I feel good about it. That’s encouraging. If Ryan hadn’t broken his leg, I would have been student teaching this semester.

As it is I am student teaching in the Fall and am feeling nervous about it. Mainly I am nervous about the busy schedule. Even with this job I still have a good amount of free time and long mornings. Student teaching is all day every day–well except for Saturday and Sunday. But God gives you the strength to do what he needs you to do, right?



3 thoughts on “Plans for Good

  1. Yes, He does. Looking back, especially, it is easy to see that He has/does. I agree that it’s much easier to look back and see, than it is see/feel it in the moment. You know how it’s been for me lately…

    Love you.

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