Toot toot!

It’s okay to toot my own horn everyone once awhile, right? After all, that’s kind of what a blog is about. “Look at me! Look at me!” That’s often what a blog is.

Look at me!

For a final project for one of my classes, I had to write a unit. We had a specific format and curriculum model we were supposed to use. I got permission to produce my unit as a website rather than a word document–I think that’s just more fun. I turned it in at like 8 last night (it’s an online class) and the teacher has already graded it. This is what she said

AWESOME! I love the web format!! Excellent job incorporating the unit into the curriculum model! Creative unit, great ideas for differentiation, and VERY professional looking! I love it!!

Did you see all those exclamation marks? Well, since this is an online class, the only person that really sees my project is my teacher and I–I’m not presenting it or anything. Well, I worked hard on it, and think it turned out well, so I’m going to share it with you, blog readers. You probably will find it kind of boring, but you can browse through and look at the pictures or something. So if you want, you can click on the screenshot below to browse through my unit

So there, consider my own horn tooted.

Now all I have is an online final, and then I’m done with my course work–all my course work—for this degree. Next semester is just student teaching. I’m glad, because I think I am about maxed out on the things I can learn about teaching without having taught myself. I need to get some teaching experience to learn more and to hopefully solidify the things I have learned.

Well, I’m actually planning on learning a little more this summer. I am interested in perhaps teaching in a Montessori school, and want to learn more about it, so I’ve assigned myself to read this book this summer.

It’s supposed to give a good overview of the Montessori method.

Well enough about me, how are you?


2 thoughts on “Toot toot!

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. You are so brilliant and clever and creative.

    Sometimes I just can hardly believe you’re my daughter.

    What an honor to be your mother.

    I’m going to go back and read everything more carefully.

    (I just sent a link of this to your dad.)


  2. I want to take this class. It sounds FASCINATING!!!
    (That ‘culture jamming’ – has my attention particularly at this moment.)

    I’m going to share this blog post on Facebook, okay? Okay.

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