Dug this mug out of my cabinet this morning

It’s one of my faves. I bought in on a weekend trip to Vienna, Austria while I was studying in Italy. I bought it intending to give it to someone as a souvenir but ended up keeping it for myself.

And here are Melissa and I in Vienna, winter 2007.

It was a winter wonderland there, and very freezing. Definitely no kangaroos.

I have a lot fun memories in my life and been to some cool places, but I still wouldn’t rather be anywhere but here.


One thought on “Vienna

  1. At first I didn’t ‘get’ the mug. Then I did! Ha!!!!

    It was great seeing you and Linh today in the tea room. I was sorry I didn’t get to see Melissa… and then I came home and there she was – on your blog!!

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