Dry Bones

Now that classes are over, you can probably be expecting to hear a lot more from me on here. Blogging makes me feel like I am still being productive.

Ryan and I just got back from a yummy breakfast at the new LoCo cafe in Denton.

And now I am super full. It’s called LoCo because it is at the corner of Locust and Congress. Yummy food and yummy coffee.

At our homegroup this past Sunday we read and talked about an excerpt from the book You See Bones, I See an Army by Floyd McClung. It’s about the church. I particularly like this paragraph.

Ecclesia [the church] is an army. It’s an army of dry bones come to life [see Ezekiel 37:1-14]. God’s Spirit can turn a disconnected, dead, and lifeless bunch of bones into a cohesive community of lovers of Jesus, marching in unison. Armies are for war. God’s army is at war. But our fight is not against people. The bad guys we war against are not terrorists or abortionists or liberal politicians or seminary theologians who deny the virgin birth of Christ. Our war is not a culture war with the right or the left, nor is it a war against fundamentalist or racists. God’s army is an army of love, empowered to fight against poverty, injustice, corruption, and greed. God’s army is held together with kindness, not hate. The focus of our battle is against spiritual forces of evil, sometimes embodied in evil people, but they must never become our focus lest we become like the ones we resent . . . We don’t have to agree on everything to stand together for something. p. 50

That’s good for me to remember sometimes–that our battle isn’t against people.

And that we don’t have to agree on every minutiae of theology in order to stand together. There are some things that are absolute–namely the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the son of God, bringing reconciliation and hope to the whole world. That is what we stand together for, in spite of smaller disagreements.

(That was fun–using “minutiae” in a sentence 🙂 )


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