A Year!

Ryan and I will be married for one year next week, which is of course causing me to reminisce over the past year. What a year! So much has changed, yet many important things have stayed the same. It has gone by so quickly, yet I can’t imagine not being married to him. We’ve learned a lot about each other–like how not-perfect we are. And I’m still so happy to be his wife. And part of me still can’t believe I’m actually married! I’m making a photo book of our past year together as an anniversary present for both of us (don’t worry, he already knows about it). It’s fun to sift through all the good memories we’ve made.

Last night I was definitely missing him–what with all the severe thunderstorms and tornadoes about. For about an hour I was terrified and didn’t know what to do. I’d hear the tornado sirens go off (which happened thrice) and wonder when I should go into the bathtub–usually someone is with me to tell me to do these things. We don’t have a TV (well, we have a TV, but no channels–NetFlix is our best friend) so I had the radio on for hours. After I got over being terrified, I just found it all to be very interesting and exciting. Thankfully, Denton didn’t get hit very bad–no tornado, no hail, and didn’t loose power.

Apparently it was hectic at the hospital too, where Ryan was all night (as a nurse, not a patient). It was “code black” for an hour, which means tornado warning. He had to stay with his patients, move them away from the windows, and put blankets over the windows.


And in unrelated news, I really enjoy World Market. I just bought a ring there and keep looking at it while I’m typing. Buy one get one free on all jewelry today! It’s scary how intoxicating new, pretty things can be.


2 thoughts on “A Year!

  1. So glad you made it through the night – and Ryan, too.

    So you’re telling us you bought a pretty ring…. hello?! …. I’m a visual kind of person!!

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