This week is definitely feeling more like summer than any other thus far. For one there is the heat. Also, there has been more free time. Ryan isn’t working at all this week, and I only work two days–what with Memorial Day Monday and an anniversary trip to Austin this weekend.

Memorial Day was fun and full of friends and food, as it should be.

This isn’t really a good picture of anybody, but it illustrates the point that I was hanging out with friends.

And this really isn’t a good picture of me, but is illustrates that we were indeed eating food.

And then this is a good picture of us.

Last night Ryan and I did something together that I don’t think we ever have before–babysitting. We hang out with the Huffman kiddos for a few hours. There are some good pictures from that too, but the pictures are on Ryan’s phone–which he is talking on right now. So they will have to wait.

And then this weekend Ryan and I are celebrating our one year anniversary in Austin. One night will be devoted to anniversary-celebrating with just the two of us and the other will include friends that live in the area. Looking forward to it!

Sometimes I put off blogging because I don’t have anything profound to say. Then I decide I don’t need to say anything profound and just do it anyway! It’s a cycle.


One thought on “Summer

  1. I love that last picture of you and your hubby. ❤ (that's supposed to be a heart.)

    And that is FANTASTIC that you babysat for Caroline, Andrew and Anna. I look forward to seeing those pictures.

    And wow— I can almost wish you HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

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