Veggies and Coffee

Yes, Ryan and I had a fabulous time in Austin. I am at Zera coffee shop on my iPad so I can’t share pictures right now, but you can just check out my facebook for some visuals from our awesome weekend.

Zera is my current favorite Denton coffee shop. I actually usually call it Zera’s, but I think it is really Zera. It has great coffee, a great variety of seating, it’s clean and comfortable, and has great coffee. Grrreat! (felt like I was using that word a lot,so I just went all out.)
Here is an image of the inside of Zera that I pulled from the web. I am actually sitting there right now, but instead of fancy chairs there is a soft couch.


More things Denton: This morning Ryan and I went by the farmers market. It is open every tuesday,thursday, and saturday, but I don’t usually go. It’s just not part of my rhythm. But this morning we went and this is our bounty.

Onions, tomatoes, squash, and potatoes. We already had the nectarines. Yum! I hope that we can get more in the habit of going every time we need fresh veggies.

I will leave you with this from Paul David Tripp’s book A Shelter in the Time of Storm.

Trust in God isn’t a thin hope in some not very sure outcome. Hope in God is rather a present investment in a future guarantee. What God says will be done. what God has promised will come to pass. His word is reliable because in his grace he wants to bless us, and in his power he has the ability to do anything he has promised to do. When you live with his promises in view, you live with confidence, courage, and unshakable hope. p. 97


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