I want to do that! (she looks kind of stuck though, doesn’t she?)

I found that image on somebody’s Pinterest board. Pinterest is a website that lets you easily share and keep track of things you find online that you like/want to do/want to make/want to eat etc. You can see my pinterest boards by clicking on the red “Pinterest” button to your right.

I know, I know–you already have facebook, a blog, maybe twitter and some other online social media thingie you keep track of. Don’t tell me about another, Laura! Well, I mainly like Pinterest because I so often see cool things online that I want to do. Sometimes I’ll bookmark them, sometimes print them, but either way I usually just forget about them. Now I can have them all organized onto boards with pictures and everything to go back and look at later. I also like to see what other people “pin” too.

So that’s just a little explanation. Some of you may have noticed that red button show up a little while ago, so I thought I’d tell you what it is all about.

Oh, and you can link it with your facebook account so you don’t have to remember another password

More about this canoe.


2 thoughts on “Pinterest

  1. I like that Pinterest, too!

    I noticed the dog in the bicycle basket…… is that the future for Akon???

    (Love you. It was great seeing you today.)

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