I’m at Panera drinking a decaf coffee. I remember the first time I drank a decaf coffee by choice was about this time last summer. I decided the same thing I’ve decided now–that I should cut back on coffee and so had a decaf coffee with my breakfast. It made me feel old. Adults really are the only ones who care about having too much caffeine. Next I should probably cut back on sugar–I say this as I eat a massive cinnamon roll šŸ™‚ . The cinnamon roll was free, thanks to my Panera Rewards card.

I think this decaf coffee is having a placebo effect of waking me up.

I don’t really have anything else to say, so here is a picture of Ryan working on his Moped.


One thought on “Decaf

  1. panera rewards cards are amazing. i feel like they give me a free dessert every time i go. there’s no way i can cut back on sugar:)

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