Today was my last day student teaching, so I thought it was appropriate to jump back into my blog. So here I am!! Woowee, what a semester. Learned so much, such great experiences, and so glad it’s OVER.

It’s pretty amazing. Not only is this the end of another semester, but this time next week I will be a MASTER. I don’t feel like I am a Master of Art Education, but I will be one on paper this time next week. I need to actually have experience in my own classroom before I’m anywhere near a Master in real life.

Here are some pictures of me being a teacher, in case you were curious what it looks like [click on images to enlarge] . . .

I have a lot better pictures, but they have students’ faces in them, so they are a no-no to make public on the internet.

So I’m super excited about the future. Next semester the plan is to substitute teach–to stay in the classroom and to learn about districts nearby (and have them learn about me!). I’m praying I find an awesome teaching job in the fall. I’m itchin’ to have my own classroom, but also know that whatever God has in store for me is way better than what I could dream up.

In the mean time, I’m super excited about Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Back

  1. I love everything about this post!!!!

    Those pictures of you teaching are super deluxe.

    And that picture with you and your husband : marvelous.

    The words you wrote : excellent.

    And the snow falling…. divine.

    And to think – this time next week – you WILL be a MASTER!!!!!!


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