Rice and Birds

I have some Mexican Rice cooking for the Maxwell family Christmas Eve dinner. Nineteen people! I hope I make enough rice.

While it cooks, let me share with you day two of my drawing challenge, which is to draw my favorite animal. I had to decide between dogs and birds. Dogs are my favorite animal in that I enjoy spending time with them the most. Birds are my favorite in that I like bird imagery–art featuring birds, dishes featuring birds, paintings of birds, hand towels with birds embroidered on them etc. If there is a bird on it, I like it. I inherited that from my mother. I don’t feel much of a desire to hang out with a bird though.

Since I’ve already attempted to draw Akon a few times, I decided to opt for a bird. And the fact that he is all black makes shading pretty hard.

So here is my day two drawing.

It’s a Scarlet Tanager. I drew it from a picture I found on National Geographic’s website. I used oil pastels, which I’m still pretty new at. It’s hard to draw fine detail with oil pastels, because they are like fat, oily crayons. It’s really fun to layer them though, and blend.

In honor of art featuring birds, here is a page (and a half) by James Audubon. He was a famous painter of birds. More Tanagers! (I had never even heard of Tanagers before this.)

Now to check on my rice.


2 thoughts on “Rice and Birds

  1. That red bird you did is beautiful!!!!

    And thanks for giving me a shout out.!!

    And I bet everyone loved your rice!! (And you).

    Would you believe Santa has already been down our chimney?!?!

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