Happy Boxing Day!

Ryan and I are going to celebrate it by going to Ikea to buy a TV stand for our new TV and sound system (thanks Santa!!).

Yesterday was a splendid Christmas. Lots of family, good food, and presents. I even had time to squeeze in my day 3 drawing, which is supposed to be my favorite food. One of my favorites is guacamole, so — equipped with my oil pastels — I drew some avocados.

It was fun blending all the different kinds of greens and browns I have in my set.

Today I am supposed to draw my favorite place. That is a little more involved than an avocado. I’m still trying to decide how I want to interpret that — my favorite vacation spot? my home? my favorite chair? Stay tuned.

I’ll leave you with a couple of snapshots from my wonderful Christmas day.

Bailey and Will

I was Momma's secret Santa

Ryan with his awesome monkey mug from Bailey

Playing with Caroline's new toys. Giant monster Ryan kept trying to destroy them. He's the one taking the picture.

Cutie Anna with her mommy (and blurry Will in the background).

Those are all from Christmas morning at my parents’. There was much fun had in the afternoon as well at Ryan’s aunt and uncle’s house. I took less pictures there though. That’s how I am–I either take a million pictures or none.


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