TV Adventures

I know what you’re expecting–my day four drawing of my favorite place. Well I haven’t quite finished that yet. I actually haven’t even started it. Help! I need motivation and encouragement.

Yesterday pretty much the whole day was devoted to setting up our new TV and sound system. We went to Ikea and bought a TV stand, which is an adventure itself. We then came home and spent almost three hours putting it together. Putting together a piece of furniture is definitely a test of communication skills. At first Ryan and I both were building and both were reading the directions. Then, after skipping/misreading some steps, we decided to divide roles and have one person read the directions while the other constructed. That worked for a little while until the directions got too confusing for me so I let Ryan do both roles and I made dinner. That worked out best I think.

Constructing the furniture was just the first step, though it was the hardest part. Next we had to set up the tv and sound system. And by we, I mean Ryan. The last step was to clean the living room from all the trash that goes along with these kinds of projects. I helped with that step. Phew. It was all finished in time to go to bed. We are super excited about it though.

I would share a picture of the finished product, but I am not at home at the moment. I am on my iPad at a friend’s house. I am watching their dog while they go skiing, so right now Akon and Ellie are outside playing. This week I am also taking care of a few of goats owned by some other friends. I milk one of them every morning, and the last couple of mornings she has not wanted to be milked. I’ll have to share that adventure another time

So hopefully the next time I post I will show you a picture of our new TV set up and a drawing of my favorite place.

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2 thoughts on “TV Adventures

  1. Looking forward to the pics of the new TV set-up AND your daily drawing. I’ve really been enjoying it! I wanted to eat those avocados.

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