Here are some things I promised you yesterday. First of all, this is our new TV set up, that took us most of Monday to complete.

So nice. Our previous TV we got for free from some nice friends when we were first married. The power button had fallen off sometime in its previous life, so we had to turn it on by putting our pinky in a little hole where the button once was. Our previous TV stand we got off the side of the road. It all worked just fine, but this is definitely an upgrade.

Secondly, I promised to show you my day four drawing. . For my favorite place I decided to draw from a picture I took in July when Ryan and I traveled to Colorado for a wedding. We visited the Grand Lake area which was absolutely gorgeous. We love Colorado. I don’t know if this is my absolutely favorite place, but it’s definitely up there.

I decided just to stick with pencil for this drawing, and instead of trying to get all the little detail and make it look all perfect, I just focused on capturing the lights and darks. Otherwise I would get too overwhelmed. So it’s definitely just a loose sketch.

And without further ado . . .

The mountain in the background is called Mount Baldy, which I think is fun. That is why this post is titled “Baldy”. I bet you were wondering!


3 thoughts on “Baldy

  1. When I saw your post title I thought maybe Ryan had shaved his head. Whew! Glad he didn’t!!!

    I love seeing your art in these posts.

    And that TV looks sharp there.

  2. I’m doing my best to not be a baldy… Although I probably could use a trim sometime soon. I miss CO. Can’t decide if I want to live there or just visit it often though. You’re drawing so good, Babuh.

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